Respect workers

LOVEDOOR has adopted its own comprehensive management system aimed at managing business complexity,improving efficiency,and promoting behavior, organizational measures, comprehensiveness, and goodness knowing that management follows ethical and responsible principles,thus forming its strategic decisions with substantial content. 

Respect workers


A dedicated team is responsible for preventive maintenance to maintain the efficiency and safety of the production line.


We comply with the rules, laws, and regulations of various countries/ regions where we have offices and factories.


Laws and regulations: We aim to prevent and combat crimes that occur during the implementation of anti-corruption policies.

Training: Every year, employees participate in refresher courses and professional training to maintain their work abilities.

Health: All employees in each factory of the company can enjoy regular health checks for free.

Code of Ethics

Reliable partners are also recognized for their ability to manage human assets and risk situations always protecting the reputation of the clients they work for.

With this belief, LOVEDOOR has established its own ethical standards to ensure people's dignity and rights, and to promote their personal and professional development.LOVEDOOR GROUP's Code of Business Ethics requires companies to comply with the requirements of this standard, including:

· Child labourer

· Forced labor

· Occupational Health and Safety

· Freedom of association and collective bargaining rights