Commitment to the environment

Environmental sustainability is increasingly becoming a global issue,not only for consumers but also for companies.

Process aimed at reducing environmental impact

Global warming and pollution are important issues for newspapers, public opinion.and consumers. In this era of great change, we carry out our ecological projects,propose new product solutions, and create business processes aimed at reducing environmental impacts.

We analyze and evaluate our products and processes, and have certified a program to analyze and quantify the environmental impact of eyewear cases.

Sustainable Development Team

We have created a dedicated team to design key areas of our company,with the aim of translating our mission into specific production realities.

Designers constantly study new materials that have the least impact on the environment,while logistics workers study the best solutions for managing resources and their storage.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The goal of LOVEDOOR is to provide customers with high-quality products to enhance their commitment to the environment.

Products are developed in materials and shapes to reduce logistics impact and increase reuse value.